Frustrated with a lack of action in response to mass shootings, protests are being scheduled for mid-April.

TIME Magazine
TIME Magazine

I'm not here to comment on the "why" of protests of all, I'm just saying its hard to be taken seriously when you schedule your protest for 4/20. Yes, 4/20, also known as the pot-smokers holiday.  Protesters should know that they're just making themselves easy targets for politicians and critics who want to dismiss their efforts.

I guess there's a long history of one holiday being covered by another, with Solstice/Yule/Saturnalia becoming Christmas chief among them. This just seems like a mistake on par with scheduling a serious discussion on April Fools Day.

Anyways, I have great respect for anyone willing to get off their computer and actually do something, whether I agree with it or not. Democracy requires foot soldiers and these folks are willing to get out there and try to make a change.  They just may want to make their "day of action" not coincide with a day to get high and play frisbee golf.

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