You know most of these t.v. channels that switch to all weather have other channels, right?

I actually find watching the weather compelling, when it's in my area. Once it's out of Lubbock, it might as well be on the moon for all I care (admit it, you're the same). It still seems to me a better balance could be struck by getting the basic information on the main channel, and putting expanded coverage on a side channel.

Yes, I know there are all kinds of things wrong with this thought. First off, t.v. and radio stations are licensed to serve their local communities.  They have a duty to inform their local audience of emergency situations, but can we admit that they get a little carried away?  Maybe it's because we haven't seen a local disaster or realize how close we've come to having one, but it sure seems like we'd be fine without about half as much severe weather coverage.

In the age of digital television, it seems like these stations could use a side channel, which most already have, for the more in-depth coverage. You would think that would be a win-win for everybody. Give those of us who want more weather more coverage and give those who want to get back to Jeopardy their thing too.


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