I went to Snyder for a graduation over the Memorial Day weekend, and I was pretty impressed with their coliseum.

The coliseum in Snyder is 40 years old, but it's obviously well taken care of. The facility looks pretty modern, the sound was pretty good and the A/C was fantastic. Even though it was near 100 degree that day and thousands of people were constantly going in and out of the doors, it stayed cool.

I've mentioned this to a lot of people, and the general thought is, 'they have a lot of oil money.' That's really not a good excuse; we have many more people here in Lubbock. It's a matter of deciding who and what you want to be and making the proper sacrifices to get there.

So why aren't our facilities in Lubbock better? It's because we haven't made a choice to be better. We've been living on "good enough" for so long that we don't know what a decent place with decent upkeep is. It's truly embarrassing.

Lubbock wants to market itself as a tourist center, but it's mighty weak on what to do with those tourists when they get here. A nice-sized, city-owned venue would be a heck of a start. If we can afford that silly Citizens Tower, then we can find a way to build some nice public facilities.

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