I did not watch the royal wedding, but I like what it represents to a lot of people.

Sean Gallup, Getty Images
Sean Gallup, Getty Images

The royal wedding was a fairytale in a time when a lot of people are jaded and feeling hopeless. The royal family represents a constant in at least part of the world. They are a model for civilized behavior, for service, for living with, and treating others with dignity. They are a chance for a country and to a lesser degree the world to come together and see that we can still exhibit class and poise in these weird times.

I had a number of people on my own social media take the time to explain how the whole thing was meaningless to them. That's okay, it really was your loss. You had a chance to see how people should behave in the best of social situations instead of just stomping around in the internet mud. We have become so used to crass and base behavior that it's time we saw an elevated way of doing things.

Like I said, I did not see it myself. I just saw the highlights. I still love how a large group of people were brought together by this wedding and what it represents.

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