The most frustrating thing we have to deal regarding concerts is when people win tickets, and then the show is canceled.

Here's the reason we can't substitute tickets in a nutshell.

Those tickets are given to us by the promoter and band management to promote that particular show. The tickets for another show are to be used to promote that particular show. If I was to use band names, why should Papa Roach pay for Stone Temple Pilots canceling their show?

Papa Roach certainly wasn't going to gain anything by them playing, so why should they lose anything because they aren't playing?

It's a frustrating situation for everybody, but a risk we have to take. The only other option would be to not give away tickets in the first place, and nobody wants that. So, yeah, it sucks badly to think you've won something and then have it not pan out. I can't even really say we're sorry that we got you excited for something because being excited is part of the fun; it just sucks there was a let down at the end.

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