I am so PUMPED for this news.

I was reading in USA Today about the new E-Bikes so I decided to give Wild West Harley-Davidson a call.

Okay, let's back up. Harley has a new E-Bike on the way that is only going to select retailers and we are so lucky that WildWest Harley-Davidson is one of them. The bike is called a "Serial 1 Cycle" and it's basically a power assist bike, which kind of puts it between a bike and a moped.

It's still basically a bicycle that gives you a little power when you need it. You can get a 1 to 4 boost/power assist when riding. You aren't going to be zipping around on this though, since it has a governor that cuts the power assist at 20 miles an hour.

Now, onto our local Wild West Harley-Davidson. I found out with a quick call that not only are they expecting to stock these bikes, but they've had what amounts to a kids version for over a year.

I have been looking for something like this for some time now because I only need the assist in October when I have to great distances to monitor parking and front gate activities at my business. I also NEED this thing because it's so damn cool. I've always like "Beach Cruiser" style backs and one with a little power makes it all the better.

So what about you? Wouldn't you like to pedal around the neighborhood and have little back up for any hills?  Or maybe you'd want one just because it's an awesome Harley product.  Either way, I'm looking into these when they arrive.

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