If you haven't been at or near the Toys For Tots run, then you are seriously missing out.

I have been to a number of Wild West Harley-Davidson Toy Runs and they are nothing short of spectacular. Once those hundreds and hundreds of Harley fire up you know you're really part of something special.  It gets even more special when you see them riding in with toys strapped to their handlebars, or watch them pull them out of their saddlebags.

Of course, let's not forget that this is the Marine Corps Toys For Tots. There's usually a bunch of servicemen on hand, sometimes with huge personnel or cargo trucks to help collect the toys and get them out to the needy girls and boys. It's just an awesome site to see all the bikes and military equipment together.

Wild West Harley-Davidson will be opening at noon this Sunday for this event. I have to say they always do a great job of making you feel at home, and they don't seem to mind at all if you're just a lookie-loo like me (they know the riding bug will either get you or it won't). You are also VERY welcome to bring toys even if you can't make the ride.

Kickstands actually go up at 2:30. Sunday's weather is calling for a high of 48 and a slight breeze, so it's a perfect day to put on full leathers for a run. Remember that the Marine Corps (and this ride) need new, unwrapped toys.

Wild West Harley-Davidson is at 5702 58th over by Movies 16 and Lowes.

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