We are one step closer to having food trucks in city parks, but it comes with a cost.

At least in the past, some of the snack bars set up in city parks actually helped to support the youth leagues that played in them. My question is when food trucks move in, where are the kids going to get that extra money? I'm sure it's not much money, but it probably helps.

I guess food trucks move from place to place and they don't always have what they want, so some of these snack bars may still have a chance.  Reports also say that the proposed ordinance will allow the trucks in "certain parks" and I haven't heard how that is going to shake out yet. Let's also keep in mind that having the trucks available may actually lead to more people coming out to support the youth leagues.

I guess we all need to wait and see the impact of this change. Let's just keep in mind that the thing that really brings volumes of people to city parks is the youth leagues and we need to do what is best for them.


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