McDonald's announced that they are adding plant-based Chicken McNuggets to their menu. Germany is the first market to feature the new McNuggets nationwide. They are made from corn, peas, and wheat, and finished off with a coating of tempura batter. They will also be adding a McPlant burger to the German menu, which has already been made available in the UK, Ireland, Austria, and the Netherlands.

So, when will we get plant-based McNuggets in Texas and the rest of the United States?

According to ABC, European markets are much more receptive to the availability of plant-based meat products. Americans still don't seem to quite understand why they are on the menu.

Just recently, The Cracker Barrel Old Country Store found themselves in the news after their addition of plant-based meat products. Americans just could not wrap their heads around why anyone would ever do such a thing, leading to ridiculous arguments on the internet and some even swearing off the restaurant altogether.

Parts of the United States featured the McPlant burger as a test for a very short period of time and McDonald's has not announced any plans to continue selling it here in the future. It doesn't sound like it went over very well.

Meanwhile, Burger King seems to be doing pretty well with the addition of their Impossible Whopper, which happens to be my absolute favorite burger on the menu. I'm not even a vegetarian, and that burger is my go-to meal.

It looks like the products will be heading toward places with the greatest demand for them first, and the United States just isn't at the top of their list right now. It will probably be quite some time before you see Texans complaining about plant-based Chicken McNuggets in the news. Bummer.

It would be super cool if everyone could just get over themselves and be a little more inclusive to dietary needs and restrictions...but, Rome wasn't built in a day...

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