You are not going to like the answer to this question.

What we've seen of Texas Tech Football has been a bit of a mess. That doesn't mean that the ship can't be righted at any time and they could win out the season. I also have to tell you that I'd rather be in the underdog position and sneak up on people. It is, however,  going to be very hard to overcome injuries to the starting quarterback and questions of depth across the board.


I have read numerous reports across the web that say little to no good will come out of this season saying it's already "a disaster".  One thing these people never take into account is Tech's ability to surprise any given opponent on any day. This led me to ask local sports expert Rob Breaux about what the future may hold for Tech.

I posed the question, "How many remaining games do you think Texas Tech can win and what will their record ultimately be?"  The answers he came back with were worse than what I expected. His answer was;

I think they can win 3 more games for a 4-8 record-Robert Breaux

Now please don't get mad at Breaux or myself. I have full confidence that Breaux is looking at the team and the schedule objectively when answering questions like this. Unfortunately, the team stumbled out of the gate and here we are.

None of this means we shouldn't quit supporting the team, in fact, your support may be what it takes to turn one of those projected losses into a win. All it means is that we may have predicted a Big 12 title and that "everything goes through Lubbock" a little prematurely.


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