A popular meme going around is not only dumb, but doesn't really help Texas either.

You may have seen a meme of a broken turbine leaking oil that says something to the effect of 'Irony-Green Power Leaking Oil' or something to that effect. The goal of the meme is to try to get you to think that clean energies pollute as much as energies do. How stupid.

Even in the picture, it's gallons of oil that anyone of us could clean up in a day. Oil is used as lubrication and not as a power source, so the amount is really, really low. I guess you could say it takes oil or gas to produce them, but we're going to punt on all of that.

Then there are the memes that try to come at this from a sideways position saying the blades don't degrade and are not recyclable. That is being worked on right now, and soon we could be sitting on benches and enjoying other items made from old blades. So that meme is off, too.

The point is, guess who's the number one state for wind power? Yeah, that would be Texas, with almost three times as much as the state in second place, Iowa.

Texas rules in wind power. I'm not even taking an 'oil over wind' position here. I'm saying our state has, needs and excels in both, so you might want to pick on something else to make your point.

We are in a unique position to make paper on both wind and oil and gas. Heck, we also have all the land we need to layout solar panels for miles and miles. Let's take advantage of all of our natural resources and power this whole country.

As someone who's lived in Lubbock for a very long time, I know you can't fight the wind for any reason.

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