How neat is it that I found out about this from Ralph's Records?

Our friends at Ralph's posted online about a fundraiser for Tumbleweed + Sage Coffeehouse in Wolforth. I think really shows the quality of character at Ralph's to take a little time to support another small business.

At the core of all of this is broken equipment. Hey, it happens and sometimes it happens all at once. Apparently Tumbleweed + Sage had two expensive pieces go down at once. That is a huge thing for a small business to try to overcome. They need repairs and or replacement of both their blended latte machine and grinder.

They are not asking for a handout (but you can just make a donation if you want). They are asking you to purchase a Tumbleweed + Sage t-shirt in a very cool old west design. You can get the shirt in three different colors or in a sweatshirt design. The design just rocks (it kind of looks like something an alternative band would wear on stage, but something your grandpa might like as well).

Any good coffee shop is a community and they are counting on their community to support them as they attempt to get back on their feet. If nothing else, drop by their location at 610 Donald Preston Drive in Wolfforth and buy some homemade java to get you geared up for the day.

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