Ladies, you are doing yourself a real disservice with some of the memes you're passing along.

Women's March Held In Los Angeles
Sarah Morris/Getty Images

One of the most popular memes going around speaks of how well women in the U.S. have it compared to 3rd world countries where genital mutilation is common.  It goes on to say talk about "what an embarrassment we've become".  Whoa...hold your horses there. This is complete nonsense. Why would you settle for being better than a person in a third world country, when half the population of your own country has it better than you?  This popular meme clearly reeks of someone trying to put you "in your place" and you're falling for it.

I don't think I'm a feminist by any stretch of the imagination. I think there are clearly some things that men do better than women and vice-versa. The problem is, sometimes women are not given the chance to do the things they can do better than man and/or are not compensated when they do. A lot of women are also tired of men making laws that apply to women with little to no women involved in the process.

Yep, there were some nutty types at the recent women's marches. Some wore weird costumes and some were just there for the attention. In the middle, though, was a giant group of ladies who just want to be treated fairly. That's the future I want for all the little girls out there.

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