I'm going to be a bit self-serving to start this out.

city of lubbock cemetery
Google Street View

I led a crew of Nightmare kids for a workday out at The Haven Animal Rescue. I had to leave to get some supplies and when I came back the kids were cleaning all of the brush and weeds from the pet cemetery. It really made me want to tear up. Here's the rub; I don't believe in cemeteries, the afterlife, resting places or any of that stuff. I'm one of those "burn me up and throw away the ashes" kind of guys.

Despite my feelings, I know for other people having a final resting place for their loved ones (and sometimes pets)  is incredibly important. There is just nothing more respectful than to tend to these places, especially if you don't have a compelling interest there.  The current beautification at the Lubbock Cemetary is simply one of the nicest things you can do for their friends and family of the deceased. It's a worthwhile use of time and money.

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