One of the big stories yesterday was a worship band playing on a plane. That should have never happened.

I remember many moons again, in far simpler times, Kidd Manning and I went to a conference in L.A. While there we hit it HARD. We partied with Ringo Starr (he was there, but we didn't mess with him). We drank for days in a row the way young men do. On our way home we were so looking forward to some rest on the plane as we sweated near-pure alcohol. Then the lady on the Southwest speaker said, "we have a treat for you today, we have someone to sing some Hawaiian music." It was pure hell.

You can laugh at hungover guys being tormented, but what about people who want to sleep,  read, study or even watch a movie? It shouldn't be my responsibility to take precautions in case something as dumb and unusual as this breaks out.

I've noticed a real tendency for folks to break the rules and norms as long as it benefits them. I have to straight-up say that trying to witness like this to a captive audience doesn't make you a good Christian; it makes you a super a-hole.  Heck yes, I'm anti-religion, but even if I wasn't this wouldn't be cool to Jews, Muslims or even Catholics.

I hope every single person on this plane requests a refund. Imagine if this started on the plane and I said, "please sit down and be quiet." Don't you think that I'd be the one perceived as aggressive?

It's simple, if you want to retain your right to worship freely, you have to give others that same opportunity.

Now, in closing, this is me looking at things at face value. I really get the feeling that we're being set up for a *gotcha* moment where it will be revealed at the last-minute that this was a chartered plane (notice how none of the passengers are wearing masks?). Even if that's the case, I hope everyone learned that is something that should not be done on a commercial flight.

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