I think I'm ready for this.

A company in Singapore is working on what they call "cultured chicken." It does not involve the death of a chicken, but it's meat grown from cells.

Let's dig right in. Soon, your chicken nuggets may not be made of something that was once walking around and pecking for feed in the dirt. Your meat could be grown in a lab and served up with a little less murder.

Okay, let's stop there. I have few problems with my current intake of animal protein. I know how the food is prepared, where it comes from, and the circle of life. It is what it is. It's just the way the food chain on the earth works.

I still have to ask myself, 'what if I could get the same taste/texture without something getting its head lopped off?' It's a very intriguing proposition, and you could look at it two ways.

One, as I mentioned, you don't have to kill an animal, and two, you may not have to deal with the environmental consequences of your food coming from living, breathing animals.

Imagine a world with chicken nuggets and no one ever had to clean up chicken doodies or pluck a bird. What if you could keep your cow for milk or a pet and still have hamburgers? What if the smell of those feed yards never blew into Lubbock again?

I say bring on the lab-grown meat. If it's even close, I'll just use some extra ketchup to get down.

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