If you're gonna go, why not go VIP? I've had many experiences with the WWE over the years, and there's no organization that loves their fans more.

Some of us are old school VIP fans. So old school that we have now brought our kids into the fanbase. I'm telling you right now, there is nothing like seeing a kid's eyes light up when seeing these WWE Superstars close up.

I have never met a WWE Superstar who was not kind, gracious and appreciative of the fan support. These guys know where their bread is buttered and they are awesome in person.

The WWE is now offering two VIP packages for Lubbock that get you up close to the action. I can't even describe what it's like just getting close enough to touch the ropes.

The WWE Superstar VIP Experience package, which can be found at the WWE Live in Lubbock page, includes:

  • Premium Ringside Seat
  • Meet & Greet and Autograph Opportunity with WWE Superstars*
  • Exclusive Limited Edition 2018 WWE Souvenir Event Chair
  • Three New Exclusive VIP Merchandise Items
  • Limited Edition 2018 Autograph Book
  • Matted Superstar Collage
  • Commemorative VIP Ticket
  • On-Site Greeter

A second Walk the Aisle VIP Experience package, which can be accessed via the Select-a-Seat website, includes:

  • Premium Floor Seat within the first 4 seats of the Superstar Entrance Aisle
  • Walk down the aisle just like your favorite WWE Superstars & Ringside Photo
  • Opportunity (not available in all markets)
  • Matted Autographed Superstar Photo
  • Three New Exclusive VIP Merchandise Items
  • One Commemorative VIP Ticket
  • Official WWE Program

Anyways, enough of me talking about how awesome this is. Check out the video above to find out how you can get up close for the February 17th WWE Live event in Lubbock, Texas.


    Ric Flair Makes His Grand Entrance in Lubbock, Texas

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