I am still amazed at the lack of sophistication that Lubbock drivers have. I'm actually amazed that we aren't all in a giant twisted pile of metal right now.

Car Crash

Let's once again start at the beginning. You can be right, or you can be in an accident. A true defensive driver doesn't care whether he's right or not; he cares about whether he's in a hospital or not. This is especially applicable to yielding.

Some people don't get the idea of yielding. Yielding, at its core, is just being nice and considerate for other drivers. Like it or not, some people just don't have empathy for others. Well, even if you're a selfish bastard, you should at least look out for you and your car.

A common highway like The Loop generally has three lanes. The first lane is for getting on and off The Loop. The center is where the bulk of the traffic should be, and the outer left lane is for passing. Of course, all of these rules are flexible, and that's where problems start.

Now, if you are in that right lane, you are going to have other cars trying to merge onto the highway. Those cars have to speed up to get to the speed limit and, as a considerate driver, you should slow down or speed up to help make room for them. You don't have to. You can be a self-centered douchenozzle and hold your ground, but you are screwing up the flow of traffic onto the highway, and even potentially putting that other car into a situation where they could get rear-ending. There's also some of us who expect you to know how to drive, who just may merge into your car.

All of this is just basic consideration, paying attention and being empathetic to other drivers. You might as well learn these practices now because one day you may visit a large town with real traffic and find yourself at the mercy of others.

NSFW Tips for Not Driving Like a Jerk in Lubbock

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