I know, you're thinking maybe barbecue, but there are other states that do that well. The same goes for chicken fried steak.

breakfast taco

Let me tell you this, as someone who has lived in Texas and moved away, there is nothing like Texas tacos. You can't even make them correctly when you're somewhere else, the ingredients just don't taste the same.

Now you can help with a petition to make tacos the "State Food Of Texas".  I love this.  What a great way to bring everyone together. Everyone loves tacos! Everyone eats tacos!

All this sounds a little silly, but as I said, trying living without them. From breakfast tacos to crunchy tacos, to street tacos and more, there's something for everyone's tastebuds.  I say let's sign this petition and get something done about this right now. It's time for tacos to rule Texas!

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