I stumbled across something a little funny the other day. If you wanted, you could pretend to be the City Of Lubbock.

Most of us normal people when looking for a shortcut just type in the name of what we want with dot com at the end. In almost all cases that will take you exactly where you need to go. Imagine my surprise when I went to www.cityoflubbock.com  and found that the site was up for sale.  As you may know, the city website is actually the very inconvenient https://ci.lubbock.tx.us/.

I can't blame the city for not picking up the www.cityoflubbock.com website, after all, it appears they want just short of twenty grand for it. I'm just saying it would be really helpful if they found a way to negotiate a lower price and pick up a url that the average person can remember. There's also the fact that some prankster and/or porn site could pick it up for a redirect.  Oh, by the way, can I borrow $20,000?

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