I was Sunday years old when I learned how to properly cook bacon.

I was walking by a t.v. when I heard someone flippantly ask a chef how to cook crispy bacon. The answer not only gets you better bacon, it gets you less mess.

So anyway, I'm not a top chef, but I had just gone to breakfast with a friend who hates when the fat on a piece of bacon is at that rubbery level. Myself, I've never really had a problem with it, but now I'm sold on the crispy all over method.

So here you go. Cover the bottom of your pan with water and cook your bacon on medium high. When the water is gone, switch down to medium and fry the bacon as normal. The water helps render the fat which leads to it being crispy AND keeps the bacon splatter down.

I promise you that you will never fry bacon the regular way again.

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