I guess people just don't like change?

Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben's and even Eskimo Pies are looking to change up their corporate branding.  It's hard for me to see why people would throw a fit or a brand name changing. For me, this is a big nothing-burger. All of these brands will be available under other names and you'll know it's the same great product that you've always loved.

I have to be honest, there's so little to be concerned about here that I'm having a hard time writing about it. If your syrups name changed, buy it under the new name or buy another syrup. I just fail to see why changing the names is a matter of public discourse.

Of course, I understand WHY they are changing. A lot of these products used names and mascots that were culturally insensitive. Seeing these stereotypes and images portrayed over and over in advertising campaigns and in the stores is a little much.

Change is hard for older people and with the generational shift happening right now there is a lot of it. I understand how grandma can just hold up her hand and say, "enough", but it's not grandma's world anymore. She is already buying the same things she's bought her whole life over and nothing is going to change that. I don't blame young people and the people who market to them for changing brands that fit their mindset, it's actually just smart business.

So say goodbye to these holdovers from the past. They aren't doing you any good and you probably didn't buy most of them anyway. Step aside and let's see the exciting new stuff that will be offered.

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