You cannot get your kid into public schools in Texas without vaccinations. They must have all their vaccinations before the first day of school.

Texas Health and Human Services requires kids to have their shots before attending school. Even college students must meet minimum vaccination requirements. There's no disputing these laws. Either do it, or your kid does not get an education in Texas.

In less developed countries people will travel great distances to have their kids immunized. In the U.S. some people travel a short mental distance before deciding there is some flaw in the vaccination process.  Facts don't seem to matter to these folks, but vaccination rates are in the low 90's and there are no general problems that have presented themselves; instead, these vaccinations have prevented disease and saved lives.

It is important that healthy children are vaccinated to contribute to the herd immunity. This means that your kid staying healthy contributes to keeping kids that cannot be vaccinated be healthy.  Get your kids vaccinated, its good for them, it's good for everyone and they cannot go to school without them.


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