Here's another kick in the ear: get registered to vote.

You have until October 5th to be registered to vote in Texas. It's so very simple to do.

There is any number of excuses you can make for not voting and none of them are worthwhile. Even if your side gets the dickens beat out of it, the side that wins needs to know you're out there and that they should be reaching out to you.

Let's also talk about "how divided" we are. The truth is, we aren't that divided. The last election about 30% voted for each side and 40% didn't vote at all. That doesn't tell me that we're "divided", it tells me that the actual majority is disinterested and/or lazy.

There are a number of places you can register to vote, but you could come over to my supermarket, Amigos at 112 North University this Saturday. There will be a small setup in the customer service area for most of the day registering voters.

If you are not sure if you are registered, then click this link. I just used it and it works really well.

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