On the Texas ballot is a proposed constitutional amendment to keep the state from ever


imposing an income tax.

If there ever was an example of a political bait and switch, it's this one.  First off let's talk about income taxes. Income taxes allow folks who have a little more to be taxed a little more (theoretically anyway). On the other side, taxes on items tend to hurt those who don't have much to spend a bit more. Now, what we know is, the state is going to get it's money someway. They WILL find a way to tax you to move whatever agenda or spending plan they have moving forward.

So, how is this a political scam?  Well, they make you think you're saving yourself from being taxed while just shifting that burden elsewhere, all the while protecting their wealthy donor's loot.

So why vote "eh"?  Well, because you know they're going to get it anyways and the existing power structure has people bullsh@tted to the point where they can't recognize they're voting against their own interests.....and like I said, they're going to get your money anyways.  All voting "for" this does is save you some paperwork.

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