I hope you like being teased.

We have had a lot of special shows over the years. So let's talk about the term "special". Special does not mean a band that barely fills a venue coming here as a regular part of their tour. Special is special, as in something that you will probably never see again, ever.

Coming up Monday we will announce a large band in a small place doing a cool thing. So let's break this down a bit. What does "large band" mean?  How about a band that's sold over 20 million records?  So what does "small place" mean? Size is always relative, and this band could sell out a place three or four times as big as the one they'll be playing. Now let's get to the "cool thing". I still can't give away too much, but they won't be doing their regular rock show.

So who could it be now (It's not Men At Work)?  Let's start with, they have been here before, in fact, a couple of times, but it's been a decade since their last appearance. I guess that's about all of the breadcrumbs I'm going to drop for now. I'll let you amateur detectives take it from here.

So why even tease you like this? Well, I know a lot of you will start shopping this weekend and I don't want you to be out of funds when this show goes on sale next Friday.  Last item, some of these details could change, but I'm looking at the poster graphics right now, and this show is going to happen.

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