This is an odd one to digest.

Everything Lubbock stepped in with the scoop on this one. Apparently kids who are "remote learning" are still eligible for U.I.L. events.

I guess this brings to mind all kinds of questions, but the U.I.L. touches so many school activities that I suppose an announcement of this sort was necessary.

What really gets me wondering is the actual U.I.L. events. Let's take, for example, speech and drama events. Will those events be in person, or will they somehow take place online? I certainly can see HOW they can happen online, I just wonder if they'll be done that way or have the same benefits as in-person events.

This further confounds issues about whether kids have to be at school this year. There seems to be a full-on battle brewing between parents, schools, and governments about whether in-person schooling is a good idea. All I can offer is, if bars are still closed, then schools should be too. Yes, they are the same. They offer prolonged exposure and tons of transfer points between people. Kids are much like drinkers too in that they can make rash decisions that have profound impacts, in this case, a case of the C-19.

The world is requiring that everyone take a year or so off from normal activities. Allowing kids to go ahead and participate in some U.I.L. events will add a welcome degree of normalcy to things.

In case you'd like more information, you can find the U.I.L. website right here.


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