I'll bet some of you didn't care for that headline at all.

Before you jump on social media and say 'that's a no' to a COVID-19 vaccine, you might want to check with your employer. According to the National Law Review, your employer could possibly make a COVID-19 vaccine a "condition of employment." Let me translate: no vaccine = no job.

You do have an out, though. Your employer is supposed to counsel you on the benefits of vaccines, but if you have a reasonable belief that the COVID-19 vaccine could kill you, you may have a case against them. (Because you have the money to sue them, right?)

As you can tell, things are a bit fuzzy in the legal world, but let's talk real world. You know as well as I do if your employer requires getting a COVID-19 vaccine and you opt-out, then they'll just find some other reason to reassign or get rid of you.

To me, it's just common sense for employers to require vaccines. It's cheaper to replace an employee who won't take a vaccine than it would be to recover from a COVID-19 outbreak in the office.

I will also tell you using my amazing crystal ball, that in the future, you will hear ads on the radio and TV, saying, "...and all of our employees are vaccinated and ready to serve you."

I guess those of you who are self-employed may get away without getting vaccinated, but then you'll have to find people who are willing to do business with you. I'm sure there are people out there who won't mind that you aren't immune, but personally, I'm not one of them.

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