If you think this is going to be anti-mask, you can back out right now.

By now we all know how masks work. We know that CO2 does not get "trapped" in them and that wearing one is for the protection of other people, so I'll assume that the people who wear on on their chin are just stupid.

A mask is not a lucky charm against COVID, its a social contract with other people of "you protect me and I'll protect you" so why the hell are you wearing them on your chin? First off, whenever I see someone with a mask on their chin it looks like nuts in a jockstrap to me.

Now, I know what you're actually doing. You are trying to comply with the letter of what is required at work, but not fully comply, after all, you're no sheeple! Nope, you're not a sheep, you're more of an ignorRAMus.

In the past two weeks, I have run laps in 110-degree weather, drilled 20 18" holes in cliche and rock infest soil with a gas power auger, and loaded 30 sixty pound bags of concrete while wearing a mask. I had ZERO problems breathing or staying masked, so you can certainly wear one into Walmart to pick up your Lunchables.

You have three choices at this point, you can admit that you're just being an ass, you can admit that an old busted d.j. is tougher than you or you can admit you start wearing a mask properly (and maybe even pick out a cool one).

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