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Did you know that The Blob is from Lubbock, Texas?

The Blob is a (mostly) evil mutant from the Marvel Universe. He started at 5'10" and then grew to 8' tall. He also started out at 510 pounds and put on a little snacky-poo weight taking him to 976 pounds. His superpower is mostly that he's fat. Seriously, he can become "immovable." He was briefly in the X-Men: Origins and X-Men: Apocalypse movies, as well as a regular in the 90s X-Men animated series.

I think we can do better for Lubbock-based superheroes. Here are my suggestions.


Dirtman is made of dirt. His catchphrase is, "It's clodding time." He can throw small lumps of dirt at you and occasion blow dust in your eye. He's weak af but can wear you down and put you in a situation where you really have to do laundry.


Critter is a shapeshifter, but can only turn into native animals. He can be a prairie dog, a possum or a raccoon. He doesn't have a catchphrase, mostly makes small scurrying noises and has the ability to steal small items.


Windyman is the most powerful of all of the Lubbock superheroes. His catchphrase is, "Don't make me blow you!" (People mostly laugh when he says it.) His gusts can knock grown men off their feet but have also been known to blow trucks completely over.


Tornadoman is seldom spotted. He's mostly used as a threat or warning. He can be deadly, but he's pretty unpredictable and only wants to work during a few months of the year. He's the henchman of an evil meteorologist.


HubMonster is a huge, drunken frat boy. It's rumored he came to Lubbock to play football before his life spun out of control. He's kinda like Popeye, but instead of gaining strength from slammin' spinach, HubMonster pounds hard seltzers before flying into a rage. His catchphrase is usually, "Raider..." and if you don't say, "...Power" back, you could enrage him.

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