I guess you could call this "good news". Being grateful is very important to living a happy and satisfying life. I've put together (again) a small list of things that may have slipped by you.

It's important that you take a moment and celebrate those small occasions and small victories. I hope you enjoy the list.

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    Most Of The Mosquitos Have Died And Gone To Hell

    What a brutal mosquito season we had. The swarms were huge, they seemed more aggressive than usual and danged if some of them didn't seem tolerant of mosquito spray. We beat them back with foggers, spray and bug lights, but they just kept coming and coming. A little cold weather seems to have sorted their business out. Also, adios to fleas, ticks and all but a few flies too.

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    Tech Posted A Win

    Yeah, our 1-5 team beat another 1-5 team, but it seems to be a little more than that. It seems like some of the things that the home crowd found aggravating about the way we played (and the way we were coached, and the plays that were called) seem to have been straightened out.

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    Duck Lips Went Away

    Maybe I'm just finally noticing it, but the age of making "duck lips" for photos, selfies, etc. seems to have passed, It was a tough time, but we soldiered up and made it through. Thank goodness.

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    We Went From Pumpkin Spice To....

    TAMALES! You just don't know how fortunate you are to live i West Texas until you see that foil wrapped dozen show up. I'm telling you right now, they don't have a "Tamale Lady" in Nebraska or New Hampshire. Here, we have to choose which "Tamale Lady" we want to be loyal to. It's a tough one.

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    You're Going To Be Able To Ice Skate In The Depot Distict

    The Garden is going to install an outdoor ice skating rink beginning December 1st. I visited one of these in Spokane Washington (where it's not really uncommon) and it's really cool to be ice skating outdoors. The Garden will offer skate rentals since you probably don't have blades on your boots.

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