We just got past the winter storm of the century, so what's next?

Some of the following potential disasters seem unlikely. Then again, just how likely did you think it was that the entire state of Texas would freeze over. I'd like to point out that there should be some preparation for some of these things, and maybe a little less, but at least some thought, toward the others.

1. Heat. I think the thing most likely to send us for a loop will be an oppressive heatwave. This is something that's almost 100 percent certain to happen. Now imagine a heatwave so bad that we overtax the overly lame ERCOT electrical grid. People have died in these heat events before and could again.

2. Tornados. I hate to tell you this, but tornado season generally runs May to June, which means you have just enough time to catch your breath before you could get hit with some real bangers. I don't like the word "overdue" for this situation, but it seems likely that we'll see tornadic action in the area. Let's just hope it isn't bad.

3. Wind & Dust. With the type of winds we've already seen and the Haboobs that have hit the Hub City, is it really that far-fetched that we get some kind of front that just decimates the town? Unrelenting wind is like unrelenting water: nothing stands in its way for very long. One big dust could cripple our power or water, and create damage in ways that are hard to anticipate.

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4. Flood. It wasn't that long ago that we saw Lubbock flooded. The fact is, it does not take much to flood Lubbock. If you remember, it was just June 2016 that Lubbock had submerged vehicles and tons of property damage.

5. Fire. Lubbock must have the best fire department in the world. I say that because we quite frequently have had optimum fire weather/fire conditions here and I'm truly, honestly surprised that we have not had an enormous fire event here. Just imagine, all it would take is one decent size fire plus a day of bad winds and Lubbock would be toast.

6. Earthquakes. This is the least likely of scenarios and there is probably nothing we can do about it. It's worth mentioning because we've had small earthquakes in the area before and we have zero preparation or expertise in this area. I can imagine a real ground-rumbler shaking a lot of Lubbock to the ground.

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