You guys are kind of special.

I'm just dying here knowing that Dallas/Fort Worth couldn't figure out a way to support a rock station. At one time there were three or four variants, and the only thing left is an older classic rock.

Lubbock, on the other hand, not only supports its rock station, but has kept it #1.

When I came to the area in 1979, not only was the only music country, the people were country and there was little hope. Things started turning around when we launched in 1981, and despite whatever trends were out there, we've only grown. I would like to thank you guys for some very specific things.

*Thank you for supporting us despite changes in on-air personalities.

We're the sum of everyone who has ever worked here, and we stand on the shoulders of giants. You may not even know who Bo Jaggers, Domino, or Dale Dudley were, but they helped us get where we are today.

*Thank you for supporting us despite trends in music.

You do realize that we were both a Tina Turner station and the first station to add Pantera to regular rotation, don't you? We've been through classic rock, new wave, hair metal, grunge and so much more. Little bits of all of that still make up our playlist today.

*Thank you for flying our colors.

We've got to admit that the FMX Purple Spot is kind of neat and iconic. Still, it means everything to us when we see somebody wear it out in public.

*Thanks for showing up. 

From concerts to remote appearances, it means a whole lot when people take the time to come out and support the radio station. It's a whole other level when we all get together for live music, too.

*Thank you for supporting our sponsors.

We have to mention this. People have to get paid to keep us pumping out the rock. I wish I could list every business that pays the bills, but let me just say we support them all -- from the local businesses to our big beer buddies to even the obnoxious political ads that we have to run.

*Thank you for supporting and understanding our digital product.

KFMX the radio station and KFMX the digital brand share a ton of DNA, but they aren't necessarily the same thing. We have a tight, rockin' airstaff and tons of content creators on our website. Sometimes we're 100 percent in synch and sometimes we're not. Our mission is the same though, to be the best at what we do and to keep the FMX flag flying.

Keep on rockin' in the LBK. We appreciate you-Wes, Chrissy, Renee & the rest of the FMX Crew.

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