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Well, this is certainly going to be interesting to see.

Amarillo and Lubbock aren't really that different, but the Yellow City is taking the Coronavirus threat much more seriously.

Amarillo residents that violate the Shelter in Place Order can be fined or receive jail time. The order basically lets residents get essentials, go to the doctor's office and participate in outdoor recreation as long as social distancing practices are observed.

Lubbock is under a Stay-at-Home Order which, er, uh...maybe it's not as strict?

It's tough to figure out what the real differences between these two orders are. We have requested an interview with the City of Lubbock and, hopefully, we can get some clarity on what's expected of Lubbockites. The city has put out a statement saying the stay at home and shelter in place orders are NOT the same thing and are NOT interchangeable terms.  They also stated that you don't have to have travel papers.

We hope to have more answers soon and we hope that both communities will be safe.

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