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Man, I love busting a bad meme.

Anti-maskers (whiners) will try anything to get out of wearing a mask. I'm really done fighting with them, but this latest bit of copy & paste bugs me because it uses the word "logic" while not applying any actual logic.

So, here's the text that some rubber heads are passing along:

Hostess: ok, I can seat you at this table right here (4 feet away), but I will need you to wear a mask to the table.
Me: what happens when I get to the table?
Hostess: you can take off the mask.
Me: then it is safe over there?
Hostess: yes.
Me: are those fans blowing above the table? Is that the air-conditioning I feel? Is the air circulating in here?
Hostess: no words. Confused look.
Why is there plastic on the payment keypad?
Cashier: to protect people from Covid.
Me : but isn’t everyone touching the plastic keypad the same way they would the regular keypad?
Cashier: no words. Confused look.
Server: (holds a tray out the window with a bag of food for logical friend to grab)
Me: why is my bag of food on a tray?
Server: so I don’t touch your food because of Covid.
Me: didn’t the cook touch my food? Didn’t the person wrapping my food touch it and then touch it again when placing it in my bag? Didn’t you touch the bag and put it on the tray? Didn’t you touch the tray?
Server: no words. Confused look.
Life is hard for logical people right now. We are being raised without the ability to process and execute logic
Copied & pasted

Okay. If that didn't murder you with its dumbness, let's break it down:

  1. You are not crossing people face to face when you are seated (and air conditioning would blow airborne droplets down).
  2. The plastic is on the keypad is there so they can clean it without the cleaner short-circuiting the electronics. It can also be replaced at regular intervals.
  3. Most food is untouched by human hands and, usually, they are in food prep gloves when it is. The cashier who is handling debit cards & money usually is not, and so it goes from the gloved food prep person to the tray to you. Sounds pretty dang efficient to me. By the way, if you're going to a restaurant where they handle a lot of food barehanded, then go to another restaurant. 

The only accurate thing about this me is the part that said, "life is hard for logical people." I wish one of them would have looked at this meme.

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