I thought it might be fun to do this one more time now that a lot of people have a facemask that matches their style.

This is a really interesting gallery. I'm not even judging those folks stuck with a regular mask because they are obviously in the midst of jobs or activities that require them. For that reason, I included everyone that posted a picture on the FMX Facebook page.

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I'd also like to say from the bottom of my dirty black heart, thank you for caring enough to A) protect the people around you, and B) post a pic for us to use in the gallery. FMX listeners and the true 94.5 FMX Facebook fans are the best people around. You guys rock.

FMX listeners rock their COVID-19 facemasks

Badasses in Facemasks


10 Unique Face Masks by Lubbock artist James W. Johnson

10 Unique Face Masks by Lubbock Artist James W Johnson




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