Now that this show has been rescheduled, we expect everyone to be there.

Hey, even I was skeptical when I heard the Badflower show in Lubbock was postponed. Then again, I haven't been told many shows were postponed, and the few times I've heard that they've canceled.

Well, Badflower is back on for a Halloween night (Wednesday, Oct. 31st) treat. What's better than getting all dressed up and going to a rock show? Just about nothing.

Tickets for this show will be a base price of $12.50, which is really sweet. Tickets will go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. You'll be able to find them at Ralph's Records and at Din Productions. If you have tickets already, they're good the night of the show.

If you don't know who Badflower is, watch the video above IMMEDIATELY. It's simply amazing.

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