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People can only use so much toilet paper,  but can you ever really get enough fireworks?

According to USA Today, fireworks sales are going crazy right now. It makes perfect sense, too. Imagine all the people cooped up looking for something to do. Add that to the fact that most public displays have been canceled for the year.

I am personally a BIG FAN of fireworks, but I also believe there is a time and place for everything. If it were up to me everyone would hang on until the 4th, which may not be a bad idea anyway. If this fireworks shortage does materialize, then there won't be any re-upping Saturday night. Oh, wait, that brings up another thing.

Yes, 4th of July is on a Saturday night this year, which could lead to a real banger of a celebration. I mean, this sounds like a great way to party, blow off some steam and still not be around too many people.

I'm betting there will be enough fireworks for the 4th of July in Lubbock, but then again, I never would have guessed that people would buy a lifetime supply of toilet paper. How about we just say that for the best selection, you may not want to wait until the last minute.

Fireworks stands in the Hub City have been open since June 24th, and many are doing BOOMING business (see what I did there?). Be careful out there, and make sure you have a bucket of water nearby.

Be responsible, and have a happy, safe, and wonderful 4th of July.

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