It's no secret that Lubbock loves In This Moment.

In This Moment's FMX Birthday Bash show at the United Supermarkets Arena in September did more than solidify their Hub City fanbase; it created a whole new blood legion of fans. It was an announcement that the band has arrived and is now doing stadium-quality shows.

This celebration of the band and the 10th anniversary of their Blood album came after numerous COVID-19 pandemic setbacks. They had a great album in the can and the first single on the radio when everything came to a crashing halt. Still, they persisted.

I just thought I'd take extra time to let Lubbock fans know about something cool they're doing. They're releasing the Blood 1983 remixes on cassette. These remixes rock a bit more synthesizer as if they were recorded back in the day. You may not have a cassette player, and that's the cool part.

The band is doing a package right now where you get the cassette, a cassette player, and a sticker pack to customize the player. The cassette player even comes with those old-school foam headphones, but with blood-red pads. Sure, you could probably score a different tape player elsewhere, but for $45, this is a right-priced size package.

I also have to mention two other things. You might think, "after I listen to my In This Moment tape, what the hell do I do with this thing?" Well, you have two options. Number one is to go get some more cassettes from Ralph's Records for practically nothing, and number two, listen to 94.5 FMX like it's 1983 on the AM/FM tuner. Wowsers, my dudes, you are so retro and cool.

Have a look at the deal below and click here to get it.

Wes Nessman
In This Moment

In This Moment

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