Oh, Dads! You have been there for us. You have housed us. You have fed us. You have made us laugh. You have taken care of us like no other! We love you, and we are stoked to celebrate everything about you!

Come out and celebrate Father's Day and Juneteenth at the East Lubbock Art House this year! It's going to be a wonderful day to hang with your father and enjoy food and fun together. There will be vendors, games, art, and a whole lot of love.

Dads are super special. They have the ability to drive us completely nuts, make us laugh, and clean up all of our messes all in one fell swoop. Dads need your love and support and there is no better place in town to do just that, than at this fun day dedicated to the men that have stuck by our side.

Orgnanizer Danielle Demetria told FMX:

"We want everyone to come out to Father's Day on the Eastside, whether you are a dad who we'd like to honor, have children that can participate in our event activities, or someone who would love to volunteer or see what East Lubbock Art House is doing. We'll have a bunch of activities going on like our Chicken Wing Cookoff, Youth Open Mic, arts and crafts, games, vendors, and educational resources"

You can also donate to the event on their website here.

Get out there and celebrate the guys that we love so much!

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