Costco has made a decision regarding health in its stores, and people are freaking out.

Costco announced that patrons must wear a mask to enter their stores, giving the rubes a chance to go full ballistic on the company's Facebook page.

Let me save you so some rage and give you the highlights: a bunch of numbnuts threatening to cancel their memberships because the store has instituted a basic safety feature.

I'm sure a bunch of hillbillies also protested when stores started requiring shoes and shirts, too. I personally think it's amazing that this business is leading the way when it comes to health and safety. Unfortunately, they've had to make these decisions because the government has fallen short in directives that would protect the stores legally. Then again, it's just good business. If a store becomes a vector point for the coronavirus, it will be all over the news, and no one will go to the store anyway.

Let's also be real here. Costco knows that the red-faced bumpkins protesting this rule aren't going to sue to get their $200 back, and if they did, they'd lose. Let's also think about the alternative, which would be people suing because they caught the disease in an unclean store (and hospital bills are MUCH higher than refunded memberships).

Be a good human, or at least a good sport. Wear a mask; it's kind of fun.

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