This is not a post about politics or philosophical stink. This is about real, down-and-dirty stink.

We can not handle rain in the Hub City. We get it so infrequently that when a few real turtle-floaters come along we're not prepared -- and not ready for clean up, either. I pay something called a "storm-water fee" on my utility bill, but I think that buys someone coffee and donuts because we are never prepared for any real amount of rain at all.

So we got hammered with rain, with the latest deluge being Wednesday night (at least in North Lubbock). This means gross things floated from wherever they were, down the gross streets, and landed in the gross playa lakes (there's a reason why they tell you not to swim in them).

In fact, let's just identify one gross thing that can't be blamed on you, the reader. Just think of the massive amount of bird and other animal mess that gets relocated by rain. It's just nasty. Then, let's add to that paper cups, diapers, tobacco spit, roadkill and everything else.

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Now, let's get to the worst of it: the straight-up moldy-stagnant water that collects in places that usually have no water at all. Right now, all those ponds are serving as mosquito super-spreader breeding grounds and they stink to high heaven. Then, there's the wood and other porous materials that haven't had a chance to dry out.

I realize there's not much we can do but to take care of our own living and workspaces. If you see a planter or something full of water, kick it over. If you see a bigger problem in your neighborhood, call it in before it gets too bad. Maybe if everyone cleans up a bit of their own moldy-stank, we can make it a bit more tolerable around here.

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