You guys are the best fans a radio station could have.

We really do appreciate you showing us all the support over the years so we try to keep things special for you. This goes right down into the merchandise that we give away. (Maybe you've noticed we don't sell our stuff, though ask for an occasional donation for charity, but that's it.) We're fortunate to have some of the most amazing partners with our friends at Advanced Graphix. I can literally give them one little germ of an idea and it becomes this huge thing.

First up, we wanted a t-shirt that would feel at home in a sea of red and black, because apparently people around here like that color combination for some reason. We also don't want to bite on anyone's specific style, so we'll just call this a Red Rocker Shirt.

Have a look:

Advanced Graphix

Next up is something in the manner of the FMX Birthday Bashes. We like to have some even specific merchandise when we can so that you have an additional souvenir for the occasion. What makes this year weird though is we're celebrating both our 39th and 40th FMX Birthday Bashes within a week.

For this reason, it made the most sense to celebrate both occasions with one shirt. I presented the idea "Twice Is Nice" to Advanced Graphix, and they once again took the ball and knocked it out of the park.

Advanced Graphix

We'll start passing along the Red & Black Red Rocker shirts in the next week or so, and have the Birthday Bash shirts at the actual events (with a couple of exceptions).

Enjoy, thank you so much for rocking with us.

FMX Shirts 1

FMX Shirts 2