It's always possible to find some rays of sunshine in the darkness.

So things have changed a bit. I suspect we'll be back to normal before you know it. We have learned a few lessons and about what we like and don't like as well. I'm hoping that some of these things that we unfortunately forced on us hang around for a spell.

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    Curbside & Delivery

    Uh, cool is it that you can get food from your favorite restaurants and enjoy it from the comfort of your home? The answer is "VERY COOL." Any restaurant that doesn't prioritize their phone and online ordering after the coronavirus pandemic ends is completely NUTS.

    As a side note, let's not forget the new menu items and family meals that many put into place.

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    Online Meet-ups

    I've found small video meetings with my friends and co-workers so incredibly fun and meaningful. With friends, it's simple; it's very hard to get busy people together.

    A quick check-in online via Facebook Live, FaceTime, Skype or Zoom is almost always welcome. At work, I've noticed that the meetings tend to be shorter, more on point and actually more fun.

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    Respect & Empathy for Others

    I go to the mask issue here. I don't wear a mask for me, I wear it for you. I do this because I don't want to be the one to infect you or have you take an infection home to someone who has a compromised immune system.

    There are simpler lessons here too, with people who were kind enough to leave family members at home while they shopped. There are also the people who made masks or gave food. We are looking out for each other's basic needs, and that should always be a thing.

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    The Love for Our Pets

    Practically none of us didn't love our pets, but many people realized how vital it was to have another living thing around.

    When you can't touch people, petting a dog or cat works wonders for your soul. I hope when this is over that pet lovers will remember to continue to give their quarantine friends a little extra love for getting them through.

  • 5

    The Focus on Small Business

    There's a lot of talk about small business now, and hopefully that talk will continue once restrictions start loosening up.

    There's any number of small businesses that are already in serious trouble right now and that could use our help. It's as simple as planning to visit a mom-and-pop place instead of just heading to the megastores.

    No one is asking you to spend any more money, just to be considerate on where you spend your cash.

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