You know, the long and short of it is, I really don't care that much if a wall is built between the U.S. and Mexico. It's going to be ineffective, a joke and a lesson for many years to come. What I care about is the people affected by the wall.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott
Erich Schlegel, Getty Images

How would you feel if you owned a piece of land for generations, and all of the sudden the government took it and put up a 30-foot wall in your backyard. Imagine that right now. Right where your current picket fence is, there is, all of a sudden, a 30-foot wall. It would actually block the sun from your house.

This is a reality for a lot of Americans who live on the border. I just finished reading an article about a family that was offered $2,900 for 1.2 acres of land. Of course, if you don't sign, the government can just seize the land. This is the ugly part of an ugly wall. I also think it says a lot that the people who actually live along the border and don't seem to want or need a wall; they think stuff is just fine as is.

Governor Greg Abbott has actually come out in support of the wall. I don't get it. Texas families having family land seized by the government, and our governor is okay with this? Our landscape, our culture and even our friendship and trade with Mexico put at risk for a completely useless wall?

Gov. Abbott has made quite a habit of putting his thumb in the eye of the president on completely pointless matters while Obama was in office. He should seriously grow a pair and stand up to Trump now. This wall isn't good for Texas families.

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