We have bad news and good news for you.

The bad news is that it's really, really hot and summer doesn't officially start until this Sunday. The good news is we're getting into the season with the new FMX "SunSpot" shirt.

This shirt is the only sun you want beating down on your back this summer. We love the freaky retro design and we think you will too. Our friends at Advanced Graphics once again took the ball and ran with it.  The new design will cover up the full back of the shirt while the RockShow takes up the front pocket (we like being on your chest). We will unveil this design very soon.

We have been feeling very creative as of late and brought back the FMX Wet Spot as well as the 40th FMX anniversary tees. So what's next? I really would like to see us do another "Flag Spot" shirt because they always look so cool, but we'll probably still be riding these SunSpot shirts through the Fourth Of July (maybe for Patriot Day in September?).

I guess I should quit teasing because I know what the next shirt is most likely to be. It will probably be a team-up between Ralph's Records and FMX. Since we've been in cahoots with Ralph's for 40 years, who knows what we'll come up with?  Actually I already know, I'm just not telling quite yet.

Thank you to each and every one of you who supports us and gets excited about flying the FMX Flag on your back. Stay tuned for your chance to win another cool collectors FMX Tee.


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