I'll be the first to admit that I'm a little sentimental y'all.

But I don't normally tear up at my desk over a travel blog. And to make it even more ridiculous, it was completely, overwhelmingly positive. I recommend that you read Wine, Music, Beer and Art- How Lubbock Became One of the Coolest Towns In Texas in its entirety, as it's a wonderful piece about our town from veteran travel writer, Mark Orwoll. Here's a little sample from very early in the article:

Lubbock is different from most places, with its own attitude, its own vibe. To an extent, that’s because it’s not on the road to anywhere else. About the only way you come to Lubbock is on purpose.

Of course, he's writing as a guest, and he is correct that Lubbock isn't anywhere near any major city, nor is it even on any major tourist highway (like Amarillo's spot on Route 66). But I didn't come here "on purpose"- I grew up here. So I guess that's how I got all bleary-eyed. My nowhere town is finally becoming a somewhere town for outsiders.

Dan Seale High Plains Water District

Orwoll does a lovely review of most of the pretty and impressive things about Lubbock- we really do have some of the best wineries and breweries in the U.S. right here at home. He speaks kindly of our very gradual transition from a town ruled by teetotallers, to a town where you can't swing a cat without hitting a signature version of the Chilton (personally, my favorite is Prickly Pear). Sometimes I think we over-corrected a bit, and I'm not alone in complaining that the only thing to do is to go to a bar. I felt a little melancholy that two of the title keywords of this Lubbock article are in reference to booze- a substance that can be both cultural and social but is also perfectly capable of ruining and/or ending lives.

The article is heavily downtown focused- the writer enjoyed Dirks and Cast Iron Grill among others, but he did pop over to Wofforth to enjoy Evie Maes. That's another thing that gives me a little pause. How overlooked and under-loved central, north, and east Lubbock can be. He had very limited time to explore Lubbock- for those of us who live here- what is our excuse?

"Home" is such a big word- it means so much and it can't always be totally positive. We have come so far and that deserves happy tears. But we have so far to go too. Let us accept this praise and be humble, too.

Lubbock Downtown Farmer's Market

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