Do you want people to wear a mask? Maybe the best answer isn't punishing them for not wearing one.

I am not the biggest fan of mask-shaming people, because for the most part, it does not work. Most of us were raised to believe we'd get presents at Christmas if we were good, and that's just about the best way to describe the approach we need to take.

Stores are ill-prepared to deal with grumpy customers and jerks, so the absolute best thing to do is to reward customers who do their part to keep customers and employees safe.

So how about it, merchants? Instead of trying to spank grownups, how about you give a discount to people who wear a mask? How about a free extra for people who are masked up? How about we start rewarding people who are willing to endure this minor inconvenience instead of putting a spotlight on the people who set out to ruin your day?

I'm betting these kinds of programs could really catch on and actually be a draw for businesses that participate. I like to call it #savecashwearamask.

We could obliterate a lot of those bad vibes out there by having fun with masks. I think it starts with fun designs that people enjoy wearing, and offering rewards to those people who step up and wear them.

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