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It's hard to tell how much information people want.

Once again, people are blaming "the media" for Coronavirus fears. My questions are, how much information do you want? Do you want to know if it's in your country, your state, your town or your neighborhood? Do you want to know how lethal it is? Do you want to know how many more people will die with it existing alongside other viruses? Most importantly, do you want to know how to prevent it?

The media is doing its job. Right now, there's a run on hand sanitizer and bleach wipes, and that's a good thing. We may not even get Coronavirus in our neighborhood, but what's the worst that can happen? That we cut down on people's chances of getting other diseases, too?

My best analogy is this: go stand on the train tracks with your eyes and ears covered. Now, would you like someone to tell you when a train is coming, or do you want to wait until it gets close enough for you to figure it out?

Quit blaming the media for everything. Take some personal responsibility and take the information you are given and process it in the way that best serves you.

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