Ozzy Osbourne said something the other day that really got under my skin. While I doubt anybody will take note of it, I have to offer a little rebuttal

Kevin Winter, Getty Images
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Ozzy said he wouldn't be making another album because it's a "waste of money".  He said "nobody's buying" so why do that?  That, right there, is a big part of the problem. If you make an album to make money, I can promise you that I'm not going to be interested in your little business venture.  You see, some people make albums to make money and some people make albums because they have to make music. I guess one could argue that Ozzy is a special case because he has so much of a catalog to rely on, but in the context of the interview, he sounds more like Gene Simmons than the Ozzy we know and love.

It is very tough out there for music makers. Illegal downloading killed it and continues to sap its lifeforce. You know what else killed it? Musicians who make music for all the wrong reasons. It's truly my belief that there is some kid out there making some noise that just has to be heard and when that happens, the money will follow. It might be for touring or t.v. specials or in t-shirt sales, but a pure love of music cannot be stopped, it grows exponentially.

Three albums came out this past weekend. It's always premature to comment on an album so early in it's listening cycle, but it does go to the idea here. The new albums from Nothing More and The Foo Fighters are getting mixed reviews from my friends (who range from you reading this, to the presidents of major record companies) but the consensus is that the new Prophets OF Rage is phenomenal. Now, once again, I'm not saying the other two albums were inferior in any way, but Prophets of Rage are about making a statement and not making money and as a result, a better end was achieved.

So to one and all in the business, make music with passion and the money will follow. If you're making it for money, go write jingles for commercials. I believe you should be paid for your hard work, but if you're making something no one wants, that's on you. You could work really hard making cups with holes in the bottom, that doesn't mean that anyone is going to buy them.



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